If you’ve practiced yoga at other studios, taken Barre, Pilates or other fitness classes, you are probably already familiar with using MINDBODY Online. We use it at YogaGeauga for payments and class scheduling.

How do I create my account?
Your first step is to create on account on the YogaGeauga MINDBODY page.  If you go here and start to register and get a message saying “is this you?” it means that you’ve already signed in at the studio or created an account elsewhere.

Once you have an account, you can go to the “Classes” tab and you will see our schedule for the week. You can reserve your spot in a class by clicking “sign up now”. You will be given the choice to make a single or recurring reservation.

Making a reservation

Find the class you want on the classes page and click “sign up now” (note, you won’t see this option if the class is in the past or full). You will then be taken to an option to make a single reservation or a recurring reservation. If you don’t have enough classes remaining on your pass (or I haven’t gotten your pass loaded into the system yet) you will also see the option to “register as unpaid”.

If you choose “recurring reservation” please then choose the expiration date for your recurrence, otherwise you will still only be booked into one class.

Once you’ve completed this screen the system will take you to your “schedule” page under the “my info” tab to show you what classes you are signed up for.

Play around with what is available under the “my info” tab – you can see what classes you have come to, what your pass status is and what upcoming classes you have reserved. This is also where you will go to cancel yourself from a class you have reserved – just go to “my schedule” under the “my info” tab and click on the “x” next to the class.

OR, you can still send your teacher a text, call or email to say “I can’t make it today”. We like hearing from you. Alison@yogageauga.com 440.552.4724; Mary.spindler@icloud.com 615.429.1099; Jeanette chardonyoga@gmail.com 440.476.1772.   440.655.5082. Dianne  Dianne@thegerards.net or 440.829.8428. Liz – lizlearllc@gmail.com, 216.215.2406; Molly mollyjansen1@gmail.com, 216.280.6256;  Donna  dweyko@gmail.com, 440.708.6569 or Ann annvickers.av@gmail.com 330.221.7907

Purchasing a Pass

You can also purchase your passes online. If you want, you can even save your credit card info. I never see it, only the card processor. I have used this system as a customer and never had a problem. You can still pay in person at the studio with cash, check, credit card AND Apple Pay. And if you prefer PayPal, let me know and I will send you a link.

Signing in

Sign ins will now happen on an iPad at the studio. If you’ve preregistered, you will just tap the “sign in” button next to your name. If you haven’t you will click “add me to class”.

Where can I see what classes I have signed up for, cancel a reservation or check how many classes I have remaining?

If you are on our schedule page on a computer, you will log in to your account and go to the “my info” tab. To check your pass status click “account”. To see your class reservations or cancel a class click “my schedule”. To view your pass info on the app, click “more” in the white bar at the bottom, then “my info” then “passes”. You may need to follow the instructions to send a verification email to link the app with your computer account.

Now for the Best Part
If you are a smart phoner, I think you will love the MINDBODY app. It makes checking the schedule and registering for class a snap. Go ahead and download it, (you will once again need to create an account and verify your email). Click either “explore” or the magnifying glass in the top right corner, specify “fitness” and “yoga” and you will see a list of yoga studios arranged by their distance from your current location.  Open YogaGeauga and click the little heart above our name to make us a “Favorite”. You can then go to your Favorites and swipe right on our name. From then on when you open the app we will appear on your home screen. It is really easy to open the app, go to the class you want and sign in OR cancel your booking. One note – as of yet, you can only sign one person up with the app, so those of you who share a pass may not love it as much as the rest of us.
Wait – I hate computers!!!
Don’t worry – we’ve got you. You can still do what you’ve been doing. We can get your account set up for you next time you are in the studio. You can still communicate with us by text, phone or email and we will sign you in or out of class. The only difference is we will eventually get rid of the cards.

Please be patient 🙂
There are bound to be some glitches as we make the transition. In the long run, this system should make life easier for both you and us. If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact Alison.