Day 17 of the Bionic Woman

by Alison Pignolet, May 5, 2019

I’m beginning to get glimpses of “normal” again! I can walk around the house unassisted. When I go out or want to move fast I use a cane. This week I shopped, cooked a whole meal, did some laundry, figured out how to get down on the floor to snuzzle my dog AND put on and tied shoes? These flurries of activity are usually followed by an overwhelming need to rest. Which I do. I’m listening to my body as it sorts out these new parts it needs to relate to. But overall my energy level is improving, and my mind is shaking off the fog.

There isn’t much pain. There are still grumpy muscles. And the incision will occasionally burn and sting. I’m down to one Tylenol at bedtime and the required 2 baby aspirin a day to help prevent blood clots. I’m using the Coregeous ball on the grumpy muscles and rolling my feet and back.

I also did a Downward Facing Dog!! It felt amazing.

Yesterday we trekked to a car dealership and traded in my 2011 Subaru Outback for a 2016 Subaru Outback. Now when I get back to the studio, there will be a new color (silver blue) car in the lot. It’s kind of crazy since I can’t drive yet, but this car was a really good price, so we jumped on it. Send me you bumper sticker suggestions — you know I’ll have to put some inspiring reading on the car.

OK. looking at this I wish I’d distributed my weight better – I’m totally standing on my left leg. My right hip isn’t really THAT high.

And since I’m kind of homebound, when my sister sent me this really interesting recipe for Chocolate Mousse using only chocolate and water, I had to try it. It’s amazing. And easy. Just watch the videos and you can make some too.