What do I wear? Do I need to bring a mat? Props?

First things first – yoga is practiced in bare feet on a yoga sticky mat. If you don’t own a mat, we have a few to loan and have mats available for purchase as well. We recommend that you try a few mats before you commit to purchase. There are a lot of yoga mats in landfills! (That being said, animal shelters often appreciate old yoga mats.)

While YogaGeauga is not a “hot” studio, sometimes it gets warm during class. We recommend layers of stretchy clothes. You don’t need special yoga clothes, but you do need clothes that permit you to stretch and bend and sometimes even turn upside down. This means not too tight (or you won’t be able to reach your full range of motion), not too loose (you might expose something you’d prefer not to). If you’ve never worn a pair of yoga pants, you may want to try them – you will quickly discover why they are so popular outside of the yoga studio. They are comfortable! For women, a sport top or bra covered by a t-shirt or tank works well. For men, shorts or lightweight loose pants are good. Sweatpants can be way too warm. If the shorts are baggy you might want some kind of compression liner to keep things in place.

You may want to bring a water bottle and a small towel.

Other than that, we have an assortment of props – blankets, straps, blocks and bolsters – available for your use.