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In these 2 or 2.5 hour workshops, we use the Roll Model® Method Therapy Balls to explore areas of tension and sources of dysfunctional movement patterns from the ground up. From feet to neck, we address each major area of your body learning how to reduce or eliminate pain, prevent injuries and supplement whatever movement practice you most enjoy. This work is appropriate for everyone who is interested in living more comfortably in their body, from elite athletes to couch potatoes. The main “prerequisite” is a willingness to learn about your body and take action to improve its function.

The Roll Model® Method Therapy Balls are not just a fantastic tool for self massage. They help you address your own pain. They give you information about your body revealing “blind spots” where you are unknowingly tense, weak or stuck. They can be both incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.

The fee for each workshop is $25. If you have your own balls, please bring them (write your name on them!). Studio balls will be available for your use, or you may purchase your own set at 20% off retail the day of the workshop.

The next workshop will address the muscles and body parts of gait. We will roll the feet, ankles, legs and hips and practice some strategies for healthy walking. Join us on July 31 at 3:00 in the Movement Room of Alison’s house in Russell Township, OH. Register here.

And if you LOVE this work and would like to teach it professionally, Alison leads teacher trainings. Coming up: Roll Model Training weekend in Russell Township August 14-15, and in Union Beach, NJ Sept. 25-26.