3 Days Post Surgery

By Alison Pignolet, Sunday April 21, 2019

The surgery on Thursday went well – or so they tell me. I don’t remember a thing. It’s kind of crazy to think about all that happening to your body with zero recollection.

Since I was awake, responsive and able to wiggle my toes when I came into the recovery room, they agreed to evaluate me for going home that day. I rested up for several hours at the hospital and then a PT and an OT visited to show me how to get in out of bed, get dressed and use the walker. We went up to their little gym where I practiced on stairs, in a hall and getting in and out of the car.

We left the hospital about 6PM, 12-hours after we arrived!

My own bed felt really good.

Here’s a little picture of me walking at home the day of the surgery:

Everyone told me to take the pain pills on the recommended schedule for the first 24-48 hours. I did for about 36. But yesterday afternoon when it would have been time to take another there was so little pain I decided to “wait and see”. It never really got bad. So now I’m taking a prescription NSAID and over the counter Tylenol.

A PT came to the house Friday. The first exercises are mostly designed to reestablish the neuro-muscular control around the new hip. The leg feels super heavy because the muscles have gone off line. I can lie on my back and lift my left leg, no problem. Then I try to lift my right and nothing happens. So getting the muscles to work again is step one. I’ll keep you posted on step two!

Now its time to be patient and let my body heal.