Ann Vickers, RYT-300

My class pace tends to be slow and mindful. I like to begin each class with breath work to allow students to disconnect from the world and reconnect with themselves so they can focus on new discoveries in their practice. Each class is an exploration of functional movement, learning how to maintain integrity in our bodies as we move and grow in our yoga practice. I always weave in ways to strengthen and improve balance and provide plenty of time to reset and restore. I view yoga as an adventure that allows us to discover new things about ourselves, life and the world we live in.

I spent years going to yoga classes to reduce stress and relieve pain from tension I held in my shoulders, back and hips. For years I worked in a hectic corporate environment and became a workout junkie trying to escape the imbalances in my life. Several years ago, I walked away from the corporate life and spent over a year detoxing my body from the stress and trying to heal my immune system. Through meditation, yoga and energy work, I reached the other side—realizing how toxic stress can be and how devastating negative environments can be on our health and wellbeing. I knew then I wanted to help others find their way to a more balanced, healthy life and my journey led me to become a certified yoga instructor and it all clicked. 

Ann completed her 300-hour yoga training with Jennifer Langsdale at Awaken Yoga in Mentor.